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A lot of the time, I feel like the world is crashing down around my ears.  Furnace problems, car repairs, emergency vet visits, more car repairs, layoffs at work, sick family members, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, PULSE, Las Vegas, a political system bent on self-destruction – I feel the weight of all of it, as if I, like Giles Corey , was being pressed to death in the town square.  Like

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In this week’s episode:

  • Becky feels stable!  It’s a miracle.  She’s going to make the most of it.
  • In News and Reviews, we take a look at the news coming out of eastern Pennsylvania regarding the use of ECT on children.
  • In our first listener story, we hear from O.   It’s a truly visceral story, so be warned.  Includes graphic depictions of suicidal ideation.

I still need listener stories!  They don’t have to

It took a minute for me to parse what she was saying.  “I just want to have more friends,” she whispered. Friends she couldn’t have as long as she was friends with me, she meant. The lunch line where we stood stretched out down the stairs beneath the school stage.  The gymnasium/theatre also doubled as the cafeteria, so the line would form on one side of the stage, then weave underneath the stage, where the

In this week’s Episode: Becky has a new medicine she’s not too sure about. In news, stop the presses – losing sleep can make you manic! Also: When can you NOT request reasonable accomodations? Ace from the Normal Bipolar Guy Podcast is here! I let the interview techniques fall by the wayside and opt for a good old fashioned conversation instead. You can find Ace’s podcast at or on iTunes. email: twitter: @thatbword1

Episode Two

In this episode of That B Word, Becky tackles the Las Vegas Shooting and interviews Jay Chirino, author of “The Flawed Ones: A story of Mental Illness, Addiciton, and Love”. Reach us on Twitter @Thatbword1 Email us at