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In this week’s episode: I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, having taken 2.5 days off of work.  Luckily, I feel a bit better just in time to get together an episode! In news and reviews this week, I came across an article that just made my blood boil.  It’s a Guardian article that talks about a lawsuit filed by a US former prisoner.  He alleges that severe neglect and abuse, in addition

In this week’s episode: I was swinging pretty wide this week – from being happy and dancing to barely able to drag myself to the shower in the morning.  Still, I feel more stable than I have in a long time. In news and reviews this week, I look at an article about new research that shows childhood trauma is inheritable by future generations.  And suddenly my life makes a lot more sense.


In this week’s episode: It’s a rough week for many people, your humble hostess included.  I’ve opted for a short episode this week, but will return next week with gusto! (I mean, probably.) There some newsworthy items of note: AI Controlled Brain Implants – Treatment or Terrifying? Let’s Pay Attention to Gay Men’s Mental Health Advocacy in Ohio See you next week!

In this week’s episode: I lost a friend this week to stroke. In News:

The interview this week is with Elle, who is diagnosed with Bipolar and Borderine Personality. Thanks for

In this week’s episode: Honestly, I recorded this yesterday and I can’t remember a lot of what I talked about.  I think there was something about this video: It was also Veterans’ Day, so I talked a bit about Veterans’ Mental Health. Also, If anyone has anything they’d like me to review, let me know! My interview this week is with O from episode four.  We chat a bit about family