Episode Ten: Erick Myrthil

In this week’s episode:

I was swinging pretty wide this week – from being happy and dancing to barely able to drag myself to the shower in the morning.  Still, I feel more stable than I have in a long time.

In news and reviews this week, I look at an article about new research that shows childhood trauma is inheritable by future generations.  And suddenly my life makes a lot more sense.


It appears that health insurers are still not putting mental health on par with physical health when it comes to paying out claims.  Who’s surprised?  No One?  That’s what I thought.


My guest this week is Erick Myrthil, a recovering benzodiazapine user and addiction advocate.  Erick puts his phone number where his mouth is, and he makes himself available for phone calls with anyone who is struggling.  He is also the author of The Boogeyman In The Orange Bottle, due out soon.  I’ll make a mention when it is available. Check out his youtube channel for lots more.


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