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In the news this week, I talk a little bit about the man who impersonated the missing boy Timothy Pitzen.

I also talk about self-compassion in the context of Bipolar Disorder.

Honestly, it sounds great for everyone.

My guest this week is Marie, also known as Mxiety! We talk twitch streaming, diagnosis, and a bunch of other stuff. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! You can find Marie at and as well as @Mxiety on Twitter!

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I’m not feeling great right now, so we get straight into the news. In honor of World Bipolar Day (March 30, 2019), my news story is all about the use of antidepressants in the treatment of bipolar disorder. . It’s controversial, sure, but very interesting.

My interview today is with Sarah Zecchini of She’s putting together an artistic exhibit showcasing artists with mental illness. If you’re in Oregon, please go!

You can also find Sarah at Instagram and Facebook at Definitely check out the Instagram, it’s gorgeous.

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I almost can’t believe it myself – my new therapist has quit and moved on to another opportunity. That makes three therapists to have done so within a year and a half. I know it’s not me, but I kinda feel like it’s me.

For the news today, I talk a little bit about the rise of the psychiatric Emergency Room ( ).

My guest this week is Rahul, founder of the Perth Active Depression Support Group, emphasis on “active”. You can find him at @PerthADSG on Twitter or at

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Hi Guys,

How have you been? Things have been pretty decent for me. I’m finally able to wean off the cogentin (for restless leg caused by antipsychotics) so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes. Hopefully the next time we speak, I will be done with it!

I have just one article for you this week, 8 Mental Health Tips That Are So Effective, Even Therapists Themselves Use them. (

My interview for this week is my longtime friend Dave, and we may go off base here and there, but we touch on toxic masculinity, avoiding politics, and what it’s like serving on a submarine. I hope you like it!

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Karen Unrue

Hi Guys!

My co-host this week is Jessica, and she’s got some news to share with you. In addition to the news about the FDA clearing esketamine for use and United Healthcare losing a lawsuit, I mean.

Moving on to the interview, I speak with Karen Unrue, who is just a delight! I think you’ll enjoy listening to this one as much as I did recording it.

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Your humble host is flying solo again for the first part of this episode. I touch briefly on the idea that mental illness may have been genetically advantageous in prehistoric times.

My interview today is with Matt. Matt is living in Iran, and I found our conversation really fascinating. I hope you do, too!

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John & Scott

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Today I am embarking on an experiment with changing up the format of the podcast. Instead of getting rid of the news, like I was thinking about, I’m going to have a rotating guest co-host to talk about the news stories with me.

This week is John emotions from the Bipolar Style show. We talk about representation in comics, ECT, and a few other things.

My interview this week is Scott! Scott and I discuss his journey with mental health as well as non-christian spirituality.

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In re: Triggers

 I don’t feel like I’m particularly well suited to discuss this topic.  I’m not a doctor or a therapist, and I haven’t done an inordinate amount of research on the topic, but I have to get it out. My soul can’t contain this. 

Very recently, someone that I love very much was kidnapped. By that I mean they were legitimately taken against their will to another location.  One minute they were walking down the street with friends, and the next thye’re in a hotel room with  someone who is trying to have sex with them.  Fortunately they were able to get away, but they’re still highly traumatized, and rightfully so.  What’s worse is that they were ashamed of the actions they took afterward, trying to reassert control over their own body. It’s not unusual for someone who has gone through a trauma like that to look to regain authority over their body through sex. I know it’s not, because I went through the exact same thing.

So it turns out that this isn’t about them, not really.  It’s about how I can’t concentrate, how I keep thinking about what could have happened.  Wondering if they’re ok.  How I have to stop myself from texting them every five minutes to make sure that they’re ok.  I can’t concentrate on my work. I can barely concentrate on writing this blog post.

I think, in part, I can’t get it out of my head because – on some level, possibly multiple deep levels – this was a big trigger for me.  Not only am I contending with the normal worry for my friend, but it reminds me of portions of my own life that I’d rather not re-live. I’m telling myself that I’m safe, they’re safe, everyone is safe.  I’m telling myself it wasn’t me that happened to, and that I have no reason to be reacting this way.  I even tried calling my therapist.

That helped a little.

When I called my therapist, she said what I had already figured out – that this is a trigger for me.  Some of the things my friend said and did reminded me – painfully – of things that I said and did during my marriage and it’s aftermath. The truth of the matter is that I don’t really thing that I deserve to have the same thoughts and feelings as I am having right now.  It’s been many years since these things happened to me – now I have a loving husband and stepsons and who am I to get triggered by something that didn’t even happen to me? 

But healing isn’t linear, is it? 

I don’t really know what that means for me. Maybe it means that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Maybe it means I never dealt with things in a timely manner and this is my comeuppance.

Maybe it just is what it is.

Mike and Ryan from Pop Psych 101

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I’ve been doing fairly well this week. A couple issues with anxiety, but that’s nothing new. It is the first time it’s happened in a little while, though. I’m not sure what that means – I’ve been taking my medication just as I have been, I don’t think any more stress is in my life over the past couple of weeks. So far, though, it’s at a dealable level.

I DID, however, screw up. I didn’t refill a prescription. I ran out, but thankfully I was able to get a sample from my doctor’s office to get me through. Whoops.

This week I talk about the Cost of Mental Health Care  and 10 Habits of Successful People with Bipolar Disorder.

My interview for the week is with Mike and Ryan from the Pop Psych 101 podcast – you should definitely check them out! We talk about the representation of mental health in the media.

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Damian K

What? Another episode?

Indeed it is, and this week we’re talking about your gut bacteria, lying about brain cancer, and how clinicians tell the difference between bipolar disorder and BPD.

My guest this week is Damian K of the Mindful Bipolar Podcast (and accompanying blog)!

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